Safe and mild whitening season for sensitive muscles

Safe and mild whitening season for sensitive muscles

In the early spring season, the skin sensitivity problem becomes more serious. While seeing those healthy MMs doing their homework for whitening, their inner heart is constantly worried . It doesn’t matter, Xiaobian recommends several gentle medicinal makeup for you. Sensitive you can alsoDo enough whitening homework!

  Seasons alternate, early spring season, sensitive skin will be plagued by many problems at the same time. For the time being, better soil is needed: (1) Wash your face with cold water to increase the skin’s resistance. If the skin is not suitable, use warm water (20 ℃ -30)) Then gradually reduce the water temperature. Use a facial cleanser made of natural materials or a small irritating soap. It is best to use an allergy-free facial cleanser. (2) Use skin care products made of natural plants, such as skin care products or masks made of vegetables and fruits.Nutritional skin care products and masks containing drugs or animal proteins are prone to allergic reactions due to the skin (3) When using new skin care products, apply on the forearm or behind the ears and observe and observe if the swelling, blisters, and itching occur after 48 hours.Skin and skin care products must not be used for allergies. Otherwise, you can use it without any local reaction. It is best not to apply more makeup and change cosmetics easily. (4) Skin that is allergic to cold wind and ultraviolet rays should protect the skin.To prevent cold wind from invading, you should use an umbrella or a sun hat on your face and apply sunscreen to prevent sun exposure. (5) Night skin care时应用水果汁或蔬菜汁护肤既补充营养皮肤的作用又防止皮肤过敏(6)定期到美容院做皮护对改善皮肤的条件增加皮肤的抗敏性有更好的作用fancl果味饮料  参考价格:RMB 298 / box of 50ml x 10 bottles containing artichoke extract for sensitive skin. New method: whitening can be used internally and externally, not only external application, but also internal conditioning, drinking beautiful skin, new natural ingredients unique to whitening and spotting beverages.Artichoke extract can effectively block the signal generated by melanin due to ultraviolet stimulation, stabilize the release of melanin, combat the culprit that causes melanin increase from the source, block the formation of pigmentation, and let you easily “drink” the white and flawless skin.

  Suggested content: One bottle per day, supplemented with freeplus pure white beauty liquid after meal. Reference price: 30ml / 280 yuan both inside and outside to get a better whitening effect. Sensitive skin needs perfect whitening to reproduce whitening confidence!

Freeplus Pure White Run Series can suppress the production of melanin, concentratedly care for the pigmentation and freckles caused by the sun, and prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the skin.

Whitens skin while hydrating, leaving skin clear and radiant.

At the same time, strict selection of high-quality and low-irritating ingredients does not add any burden to the soft skin.

  How to use: After applying lotion, press the nozzle about 2 times to the palm of your hand, and apply lightly to the entire face.

  Avene whitening freckle milk ml30ml RMB 380 sensitive skin whitening also rejects blemishes!

How can fresh facial skin tolerate the appearance of spots?

Avene whitening and freckle cream diminishes and reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure or aging.

It can prevent and repair pigmentation caused by congenital and acquired factors such as melasma, age spots and freckles.

Whitening and brightening overall.

With a content of 73%, Avene protects live spring water, stabilizes pure live vitamin C precursors, vitamins, and sodium hyaluronate.

  Vichy Double Chance Run White Night Cream Reference Price: 50ml / 288 yuan during the day care, do the same homework at night, day and night non-stop protection in order to provide a solid foundation for the aforementioned whitening.

Vichy Double Essence Whitening Night Cream can effectively rebuild the sebum barrier on the surface of the skin, nourish and moisturize deeply, refill nutrition and energy for healthy fresh cells, and make the skin glow from the inside out.Material skin care plant essential oil, especially suitable for skin texture and metabolism needs.

After rest in the evening, better whitening and repairing!