Eight actresses’ effective whitening trick

Eight actresses’ effective whitening trick

Now whitening is not just white in simple meaning. Anti-aging, sun protection and moisturizing have taken the express of whitening. Whitening has entered the era of diversification. Diversified whitening skin care products are essential in cosmetic bags.
Come and follow the whitening star and make your whitening productive!
  Dong Jie’s whitening eyes are not sloppy. Dong Jie said that whitening not only takes care of the face, but also the whitening and maintenance of the eyes.
Method: Soak the eyelids with a towel soaked in salt water for 10 minutes to relax the eye skin.
Then, apply two pieces of iced eye mask to the eyes and gently press the eyelids with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands.
Press the ears with both palms and massage the ears with the method of pressure rotation to relax the eye nerves to eliminate eye fatigue.
Finally, the green tea leaves soaked in cold water can be left on the eyes for 20 minutes.
  Whitening highlights Whitening + dark circles Paris L’Oreal Snow White Double Brightening Eye Cream The first step gel: against dark circles.
The formula is rich in anti-black compound ingredients, which can help improve the deposition caused by poor eye circulation and strengthen the eye skin.
The second step cream: lasting whitening.
Contains the new FLASHWHITE EFFECT instant whitening effect, which can brighten the skin around the eyes.
  Qin Lan’s whitening requires one more homework: Antioxidant Qin Lan’s housekeeping whitening method uses green tea to whiten.
First, take 3-5 grams of green tea and soak. After 15 minutes, the color of the tea is obviously bubbled. Pour the tea residue into the water.
Then use tea and water to pat the face gently, and repeat it several times.
Remember to wash the entire face with tea and then wash it again with water.
After one month, you will see obvious results.
  美白看点 美白+抗氧化  家美乐银杏果润白抗氧精华乳天然橄榄油和维生素E具超强抗氧化能力,针对细纹、暗哑、干燥及松弛等肌肤问题全面出击,令肌肤恢复Watery and elastic, showing a bright and even look.
  Zhang Junning Exclusive hair treasure-palm temperature whitening beauty temperament beauty Zhang Junning’s unknown whitening magic is palm temperature whitening.
First, take out the whitening product and put the beans on the face in a uniform manner. First, gently press with both hands, then massage, and then wrap the entire face tightly with both hands.
This method has the effect of whitening and thinning face.
So now know why her face is small and white.
  Whitening Highlights Whitening + Detox Fruits & Passion Gabes Po Italian Italian Lemon Essential Oil Pure Natural Lemon Peel Extract, which has a significant whitening effect.
Add about 15 drops of essential oil to 10ml of neutral massage oil, and massage for about 10 minutes once a week.
It can fully relax tense skin and nerves, promote blood circulation, and achieve better detoxification and skin purification effects.
  李小璐 美白淡斑 全面&局部一起来  李小璐介绍说:“这种斑已经跟随我很多年了,从我入行就有,其实我觉得一些小小的斑点反而看起来还有点性感,所以非工作需要我Don’t try to cover it up.
Of course, in order to prevent more spots from forming, the protection work is still necessary. My spot prevention work is mainly on the mask. Before using the full-face whitening mask, apply a concentrated partial mask under the full-face mask.Apply together.
”  美白看点 美白+淡斑  FANCL美白祛斑精华面膜持续型维生素C诱导体,配合淡斑精华AC White,并增加了SVCT美白精华,加倍提升美白力量,淡化黑色素有效淡化已形成的色斑及雀斑.
  张梓琳 美白前先用保湿品打底  世界小姐张梓琳说:“我肌肤很容易干,嘴角、鼻翼处经常会起屑,眼周还容易出现缺水纹,再加上皮肤很薄很敏感,因此我I dare not use a whole set of whitening products, but I love white.
Later, my makeup artist asked me to use a moisturizer before using whitening products, like applying a moisturizing essence before applying a whitening mask.
Whitening Highlights Whitening + Moisturizing Avenly Herbal Concentrate Whitening Beauty Lotion (Daily) SPF25 PA + Concentrated ginseng root, Scutellaria baicalensis root and Paeonia root formula to make skin full of vitality.
At the same time, with the whitening effect and moisturizing effect of lychee extract, you can create a moisturizing, smooth and transparent whitening skin!
  Big S whitening should have multiple functions. Big S said, “I absolutely can’t tolerate the slightest flaw on my face, and I can’t let ‘Old’ appear on myself.
In spite of the many announcements and the tiredness of filming, I do n’t miss every skin care step. In addition to whitening, I started to work with light mature women to take care of antioxidants, prevent aging, and firm skin. In skin care products,In terms of choice, it is required to have multiple functions. Besides moisturizing, it can also improve rough skin, lighten spots and firm skin.
Whitening Highlights Whitening + All-around Repair Favorite Brightening Purifying Perfecting Essence Add the latest anti-oxidant ingredient ideben to make whiteness last longer, brightening, purifying, protecting, moisturizing, anti-oxidizing, and complete care in one time.
It also adds precious molecule cerium (Ceramide2), which can effectively improve dry and aging skin.
  伊能静 鸡蛋土豆都是抗黑好武器  大龄美女伊能静对美白最有心得,她推荐鸡蛋美白法,首先将新鲜鸡蛋1枚与一小汤匙蜂蜜搅拌均匀,临睡前刷在面部,按摩10分钟,待After the egg liquid is air-dried, it can be washed with water, and it can be like skin gel twice a week.
In addition, drink plenty of water and apply potatoes to whiten.
Cut fresh potatoes into pieces and apply them to the face, or apply fresh potato juice directly to the face, which can provide the skin with the nutrients it needs, making the skin clean and tender.  Whitening Look Whitening Look Whitening + Exfoliating Clarins Clear Whitening Cleansing Scrub removes old keratinocytes, reduces dark spots, and is noticeably even; makes the skin smoother and skin finer; creates a clear white and fresh waterThe net permeability of muscle.

  Zhou Xun Bing cucumber allows you to quickly whiten and love environmental protection. Zhou Xun is also a whitening expert. She said: “Because I like outdoor sports, my skin often gets very dark and dull every summer.

At this time, I will take out the cucumber in the refrigerator, cut it into thin slices, and apply it on a wooden board.

In just half an hour, the skin will become white and firm, and it will be very elastic and comfortable.

“Whitening Look at Whitening + Tightening Sisley Huanbai Firming Lotion is a whitening and firming product with plant protein.

Fresh, liquid gel-like product that won’t clog pores.

The skin is fresh and radiant, the complexion is even and not tired, and it has a velvety matte gloss.

Skin looks cleansed, complexion is bright and radiant.