For the treatment of flu, do not forget Fuyang

For the treatment of flu, do not forget Fuyang

At present, the flu is in danger. It is recommended by the anti-inflammation side in China, but they are all based on the “warm epidemic”. The prescription rate is mainly a group of antipyretic tables, cold medicine, mainly clinical substitutes, and more effective tests.

  However, the author did see some cases of patients exacerbated by ineffective treatment in accordance with the above rules in clinical practice. After detailed identification, they switched to Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Decoction, which quickly relieved the disease.

Therefore, when treating influenza, it is recommended that, while clearing the heat and decomposing the table, taking into account the patient’s physique and yin and yang deficiency and solid state, Fuyang medicine is used to achieve better treatment results.

  Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Decoction in Treatise on Febrile Diseases is an effective treatment for the sun and Shaoyin.

The original book stated that “Shaoyin disease was first acquired, anti-fever, pulse sinker, ephedra fuzi Xixin Tangzhu”.

“Tangtou Gejue” records: “Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Decoction, published the two classics of Wen Jing; if it is not a combination of internal and external, Shaoyin fever can not be healthy.”

Because the basic pathogenesis of the two senses of the sun and Shaoyin are heart-kidney yang deficiency, complex feelings of cold and evil, and the same disease on the surface and in the surface, ephedra was used to publish the cold, and the aconite warmed the kidneys, strengthened the heart, assimilated and searched, and the temperature was not deepenedYin Zhi Han Xie.

The medicine has only 3 flavors, but the compatibility is strict.

Fangzhong Fuzi invigorate the yang in the kidney, so that the external invasion of the cold evil has no place to stand; the asarum smell is warm and strong, straight into the shady yin, and the evil is exposed to the muscle surface; the ephedra scattered cold solution will be on the muscle surface.The cold evil spreads out of the body.

The combined use of various medicines expands from the inside, so that the cold evil comes out with sweat, and the kidneys pass through the yang, and the fever and all the symptoms are completely solved.

The clinical application to the elderly and young patients with weak body yang deficiency and weak body can receive good results.

  Typical case: patient Chen, female, 36 years old.

Two days after contacting the person with the flu, dizziness, fatigue, chills and cold, sore throat, accompanied by dry mouth, spontaneous sweating, and mild cough.

Check the tongue for redness, thin white fur and fine veins.

The throat is dark red and the tonsils are not large.

Suffering from sore throat such as Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid.

Taking into account the patient’s history of viral myocarditis after admission, the physique is poor, the syndrome is a deficiency of heart and kidney yang, complex feeling cold and Yin injury.

Treatment with ephedra fuzi Xixin decoction.

Drugs: 9g of ephedrae, 9g of aconite, 3g of asarum, 12g of chinese bellflower, 30g of raw licorice, 10g of burdock seedlings, 9g of black ginseng, 30g of floating wheat, 10g of frosted mulberry leaves, 6 gingers.

The patient took the medicine at 8 pm, and the sore throat was significantly relieved at 10 pm. She did not sweat at night. Most of the illness had gone at 2 am. She took two decoctions at 7 am. If the symptoms were lost, she had a mild cough.Hezhi cough powder received 2 doses of power.