Bai Suyan

Bai Suyan

To whiten, you must complete your whitening homework and don’t miss any important points.

As skin care homework that required effort and energy at that time, whitening also needs to be focused on in order to be effective. Now let’s take a look at the three major principles of whitening: internal and external symptom, upper and lower Tongzhi, privacy protection, and make you whiteMore thorough and perfect!

  The first symptom is that there are so many whitening and whitening products, and each one seems to be very powerful. How do I choose?

  The first step in the scandal is to check why you are “not white enough”.

Is it because of melanin precipitation caused by ultraviolet radiation?

Or is it due to metabolism and stress?

Or is it because the stratum corneum is thick, and the skin is no longer supple and white because of insufficient moisturizing and anti-aging maintenance?

  In order to satisfy women’s friends with different levels of whitening implants, Kanebo’s Mother’s Day special group includes red firethorn whitening series that are excluded from UV problems, white impression series that uses inherent self-discipline energy, and intensive repairs.Multi-Purpose Multi-Purpose Run White Crystal Limited Purchase Group.

Finally, do n’t forget to add the new value-added group of COFFRET D’OR translucent white translucent foundation, which just launched in April this year, so that female compatriots of every age and skin type can easily achieve this summer. ”Su Yan Beauty “sense of achievement.

  Did you find Xuexi’s hands and feet in the 2nd Tongzhi Xuezhi?

After each summer, the race of hands and feet is definitely blacker than the face of a diligent maintenance!

  You should choose hand cream and foot cream with whitening ingredients, and exfoliate in time!

Like roses, it has repairing properties that improve skin aging, promote skin radiance, and smooth skin fine lines.

  Honestly, the stratum corneum of the hands, feet and skin is already thicker than the ends.

This is because, compared with the facial skin, the degree of exertion on the hands and feet and the external stimuli that must be withstood daily are much higher, and the thickening of the stratum corneum also has a function of protecting the skin in some aspects.

However, once our keratin is thickened, the skin’s elasticity, water retention and verticality will also be relatively poor, and it is easy to appear “not white enough”!

  Earlier in the past, during this Mother ‘s Day promotion, many beers were very good. Special hand creams used by celebrities and supermodels, such as Julie Cole, Crabtree, L’Occitane, AESOP, etc., have successively launched special combinations to challenge the lowest parallel importsprice.

  No. 3 Private protection The skin nearer the joints of the snowy body, the more private and delicate skin, the more watery care is needed?

  Do not think that only the skin of joints such as elbows or contractions is prone to wrinkles or pigmentation corrosion.

For mature moms, even at the junction of shoulders, waist, hips, legs, and even the little sister who is not seen after entering menopause, they are prone to dryness and dullness.

  Using exfoliating body wash once a week and intensifying the massage for a particularly thick part of the stratum corneum for several minutes can initially improve the roughness and dullness of the skin of the hands and feet joints.

After bathing daily, you should also use lotions with soothing, whitening or moisturizing ingredients.

Keep in mind that for younger sisters after menopause, you should choose a cream formulation with a high PH value and sufficient moisture to give appropriate care to the private parts.

  Whitening upgrade course The most basic reason for skin blackening is the release of melanin from the base layer, which accumulates on the skin surface and accumulates for a long time, resulting in dull skin and spots.

The main key to whitening is to block the causes that may cause melanin, and also to prevent the melanin that has been generated from being distributed to the skin cells.

  Sun protection is the easiest way to prevent the precipitation of melanin, because ultraviolet rays can stimulate the production of melanocytes and increase the generation of dark spots. Sun protection can prevent the formation of most melanin.

In addition, the skin should not be too dry, because the skin is too easy to become irritated and increase melanin.

  Medical research on L-C whitening skin diseases has confirmed that L-C related products can resist oxidation, have photoprotective effects, protect skin cells from oxidative damage, and reduce immune suppression and inflammatory reactions caused by ultraviolet rays, preventing skin deterioration.

Has a good effect on fast whitening.

  The stratum corneum is closely related to whitening. The stratum corneum, which has a close relationship with skin aging, also plays an important role in whitening maintenance. If healthy keratin is metabolized normally, the skin will appear white and shiny.

Many whitening products on the market use fruit acid to help the skin’s keratin metabolism. For example, fruit acid or salicylic acid can not only metabolize melanin, but also help skin anti-inflammatory, because this type is mild and non-irritating and less likely to appear.Anti-pigmentation problem after skin inflammation.

  There are no shortcuts for whitening. I want to have beautiful skin. There seems to be no shortcuts. Just be diligent in maintenance!

However, in addition to ultraviolet light, the formation of melanin also accounts for a large proportion of personal constitution.

Because those who are prone to dark spots often have genetic factors from their families, if you find that mothers and sisters should have serious dark spots, you must be mentally prepared to take care of them early, otherwise you may not be able to escape the dark spots.fate.

  Whitening experience share with every woman has more or less whitening experience, for example, rubbing whitening essence, whitening thick sunscreen lotion, applying whitening mask at night, etc., all have done, but the whitening effect is alwaysUnsatisfactory, tried every means to fight melanin, but in the end all failed in vain to end the battle.

In particular, Asian women are most eager for whitening. Is it really difficult for a woman with yellow skin to have whitening skin?

  Whitening, to reduce external damage. There are many whitening products on the city surface. Although they have different functions, most of them are targeted at the metabolism, discharge, and suppression of melanin. However, if the facts about the production of melanin are combined, the external damage is actually reduced.Is the most important whitening homework.

  Because the skin is irritated or abnormal, it shows that whether it is chemical beauty products or ultraviolet rays, it will cause pigmentation and aging of the skin. Most people rarely take the external environment seriously to affect the skin, so many skinsThe physician has been an expert, and strengthening the defense is the whitening king.  Work and rest also affects whitening. For people who are prone to melanin on the skin, try not to stay up late. The work and rest should be normal. If there is pressure, you should know how to deal with it in a timely manner. Do not smoke. Smoking has no benefit to the human body.In addition to the nicotine in the cigarette, it will sink into the skin and make the skin dull. It will also easily damage the blood circulation of the skin. When the skin blood circulation becomes poor, the skin cells are not easy to repair, and the skin is dull and dull.

  DIY Natural Masks Netizens provide three DIY natural masks, which are very helpful for skin care, and provide readers as a reference for whitening: Banana + milk applied to the face to get half a banana, plus an appropriate amount of fresh milk, adjusted toFor mushy, apply mushy banana milk to both ends, wait for 10-15 minutes, and wash it off with water.

  Milk contains protein, and a little bit of fruit acid in bananas is used to apply the face, which can strengthen the skin’s moisturizing and moisturizing.

  Applying tea to your face Use fresh tea leaves to make tea. After washing your face, moisten the completely cooled tea with a cotton pad, and pat for a long time. After it is completely absorbed, wash it with water.

  Everyone did not expect that tea also has such a magical whitening function!

In fact, that’s because tea contains abundant chlorophyll that can make the skin neutral, and the effect can be seen in two weeks.

  Aloe vera is applied to the face. After cutting the aloe, remove the transparent scum-like thing, cut a small piece before going to bed, and stick it on the skin with acne. Usually the acne will disappear when you wake up.

  The use of aloe vera can not only cure acne at an early date, but also whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. Therefore, aloe vera essence is added to many whitening products to whiten and anti-wrinkle.

  In addition, when the skin is sunburned, the skin will feel red and sore. You can also use aloe vera to relieve the pain caused by sunburn. It is a natural skin care product that reduces skin temperature and anti-inflammatory.