Pilates helps you unload the life buoy

Pilates helps you unload the “life buoy”

Compared to yoga, which has some similarities, it has done a better job in the combination of Chinese and Western styles. It not only incorporates the “stiffness” of Westerners–training on body muscles and functions, but also the “softness” of Easterners–emphasis on practice.When the body and mind are unified, each posture must be coordinated with breathing.
  上周来到健身中心,只见会员们正跟着教练在场地上轻展四肢,似乎“享受”得很……说起普拉提的好处,教练滔滔不绝:“很多人天天‘坐拥’电脑,肚子上的‘救生圈’越来越大,普拉提练的就是腹部、侧腰部、背部和臀部的肌肉———既可卸掉‘救生圈’,又能减压,再适合上班族不过了. “Remove a pilates class. There are about 10 moves. Here are 5 basic moves, each repeated 4-6 times.
  Action A ● Lie on your back on the floor.
The neck is relaxed, keeping the spine naturally bent.
  Inhale 5 beats.
  ● Exhale slowly for 5 beats while contracting your abdomen and lifting your upper body.
  Action B ● Lie on your back with your abdomen contracted and your feet off the ground.
Keep your back as close to the ground as possible and relax your neck.
  ● When exhaling, stem your neck, keep your head off the ground, and lift your knees close to your upper body.
  Action C ● Lie face down.
The top of the head is pushed forward and the shoulders are heavy.
Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your belly button off the ground.
You must maintain this position throughout the movement.
  ● Inhale and raise your head, your arms and chest off the ground, and your back muscles tighten.
After exhaling, lower it slowly.
  ● When exhaling, the torso of the upper body is still, lift your legs off the ground, and lift it to the height where the back muscles are not excessively strained.