Pork Nose Soup

Pork Nose Soup

[Raw materials]: 15g raw arborvitae leaves, 6g Dendrobium nobile, 10g Bupleurum, 50g each for pork nose, honey, 20ml rice wine at 30 degrees.

  [Production]: scrape and clean the pork meat, put it together in the casserole with Platycladus orientalis, Dendrobium nobile and Bupleurum, add 500ml of water, simmer for 60 minutes with gentle heat, filter out the residue, and pour into the honey rice wineDrink well.

  [Usage]: This is a daily amount, divided into 2 times and twice.

2-4 days is a course of treatment, and even take 3-4 courses.

  [Efficacy]: The medicated diet has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing yin, and anti-inflammatory and tongqiao, and is suitable for chronic sinusitis, runny nose and other symptoms.