Summer skincare anti dead corner _1

Anti-dead spots for summer skin care

Summer is a season for women!
But in the bright summer, while showing a beautiful figure, it also brings some trouble to women’s skin care.
If female friends can take good measures against sun, bacteria, and skin dehydration, your skin will be as “sunny” as in summer!
  Acne occurs in adolescents. It mainly affects the face and chest and back. It affects the beauty of the face and makes women inconvenient to wear suspenders or backless dresses. Some beautiful girls tend to mess with the skin easily and dermatitis.Corticosteroids have the opposite effect.
In fact, many large hospitals now have a variety of good treatment options for acne.
During the treatment, warm water and soap or facial cleanser with strong degreasing and degreasing ability should be used to clean the back of the face. After going out or sweating, you should bathe in time to avoid excessive sweat and secretions irritating the skin and making the skinClean and soft.
Especially pay attention to the dead corner of the back, which is difficult to clean, because there are more sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the back, and it is easy to get dirt and block pores and grow acne.
Do not squeeze pinched acne to prevent infection or leave pigmentation or scarring.
In addition, you should eat less LPS and more stimulating foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, watermelon, etc.
  Sweat spots are a kind of skin fungal disease that is easily caused by P. furfur in summer, which is medically called ringworm.
It is easy to induce the disease if there is a lot of hot sweat and it is not cleaned in time.
It is mainly represented by some light brown spots on the back of the chest and under the armpit, covered with thin scales, accompanied by itching.
In addition to effective antifungal treatment, you should take a bath immediately after sweating and wash the changed clothes in a timely manner.
Bedding should also be disinfected and often dried and patted.
  There are more and more people on summer vacations, and climbing and swimming in the sea have become indispensable items in tourism.
People often pay attention to the sun protection on the face, but the ultraviolet rays on the back are relatively the most harmful when climbing and swimming. After sunburn on the back skin, obvious erythema, pimples, edema and blistering will appear.Itching and pain, so women should often use sunscreen containing SPF15-20, PA ++ in summer, try to avoid going out from 10am to 3pm in the sun with the strongest ultraviolet rays.
At the same time, oral contraceptives should be avoided, and some vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E should be taken appropriately.
After taking chlorpromazine, sulfa drugs, tetracycline, hydrochlorothiazide and other photosensitizing drugs, you should also avoid going out. Eat less food containing food additives, preservatives and other foods.Figs and other fruits and vegetables containing light-sensitive substances, so as not to cause solar dermatitis.
The use of sunscreen is also particular about applying sunscreen to the exposed parts of the face, back, and upper limbs half an hour before going out. After going out, you should replenish sunscreen every 1 to 3 hours according to the sun and sweat.
  In summer, you sweat a lot. Pay attention to replenishing moisture to keep your skin in a moist state.
Because sweat also contains a lot of salt, when you pay attention to replenishing water, you must also pay attention to properly add some salt.
In addition, reasonable nutrition, pleasant mood and daily exercise such as back stretching are also important to improve skin quality and prevent skin diseases.