Top plump non-sag four-style busty

Top plump non-sag four-style busty

The MM who loves to bend over and humpback usually pay attention. Poor posture and lack of exercise can cause the chest to sag or expand!

If you want to have a beautiful and firm breast shape, you have to do the following 4 simple and beautiful breast tilt exercises to help you firm the breast shape and make you plump without sagging!

  Pilates teacher Liu Yijun said that to beautify the chest shape, you should first reduce the size of the shoulders, neck, chest, back and other muscles, activate the upper body blood and lymph circulation, and then sculpture the pectoralis major muscles to allow sagging and relax the chest shape.,elasticity.

The following 4 strokes should be performed sequentially, one round per day.

In addition, the doctor reminded that this time the movement is biased toward gentleness and safety, but beginners should still do their best, and the angle and speed of twisting and tilting should not be too large and too fast to avoid injury.

  The first trick twists the upper body effect: stretch the chest, upper hip area, relax tight muscles, and promote blood circulation.

  Reminder: Be slow when performing twisting motions, and the steering angle is limited to what you can do.

  STEP1 sat in a chair and spread her legs about shoulder-width apart, her upper body naturally straight, stretched to the same height as her shoulders, her palms facing outward, and her hands were held back to back.

  STEP2 maintains a backhand grip, while inhaling, it will be lifted up, right, and up, the hand will move toward the top of the head, and the right side will also slide along the direction of hand movement.

  STEP3 Move your hand to the top of your head and exhale, then stack, and swing your hand and head to the lower left and inhale. Return to step 1 and change sides, 5 times each.

  The second method of contracting shoulder and back effects: stimulate the lymph under the arm, contract the shoulder joints and relax the chest and back muscles.

  Reminder: The shoulder is twisted, and the angle of inclination is limited according to personal ability. Do not force yourself to prevent injuries.

  STEP1’s preparatory action is to sit on a chair, bring your legs and feet together, your upper body naturally straight, and stretch your hands forward toward the front.

  STEP2 leans forward slightly, straightens his left arm and leans his back against his right leg. The right arm is pulled back up and upwards and inhales. At the same time, his head is slightly tilted, his sight is parallel to his right hand. Then return to step 1 and exhale.

  STEP3 straighten the right arm, lean the back of your hand on your left leg, tilt your left arm and head backwards and upwards, turn and inhale, go back to step 1, and do 5 times each on the left and right sides.

  The third trick is to sculpt the pectoral and arm effects: firm the pectoralis major muscles, and sculpt the arms and upper back muscles.

  Reminder: If you feel uncomfortable with your shoulders, stop.

  STEP1 faces upwards, arms straight up to shoulder height, palms against the wall, legs open naturally and then stand back about 1 step, so that the whole body is slightly inclined.

  STEP2 bend the magnetic field, lean the upper body forward against the wall and inhale, straighten your arms, push the palm against the wall to bring the upper body back to step 1 and exhale, doing 15 times.

  The 4th stroke focuses on the effectiveness of the chest shape: it improves the sagging and expands the chest shape, which helps to firm the legs and abdomen.

  Reminder: When you take a thicker pillow in your hand, it will work harder to achieve better sculptural effect.

  STEP1 stand against the wall and bend your knees firmly, hold the elastic ball or pillow between your thighs, hold the pillow with your hands outside and bend to inhale first, then press the pillow to exhale.

  STEP2 Pillow keeps inward pressure, bends outwards and retracts inwards, bends elbows about 90 degrees, and inhales after the forearms are parallel upwards.