The keyboard is dirty than the toilet?

Don’t hesitate to clean up

The keyboard is dirty than the toilet?
Don’t hesitate to clean up

Dear netizens, think about whether the keyboard is in contact with us every day. If I tell you that the keyboard is dozens of times dirtier than the toilet bowl, do you think it is easy to realize that I will tell you that the keyboard is dirty than the toilet bowl?In fact, let us know now, and use more snacks on the keyboard around us. For our health, we should make it clean and responsible for our own physical health.

A survey of the state of office equipment hygiene released by the University of Arizona shows that the number of microorganisms per square centimeter of computer keyboards is 510, and toilets should be regularly disinfected, with less than 8 microorganisms per square centimeter and the number of bacteria on the keyboard.It is almost 64 times the toilet.

A study published in the American Journal of Infectious Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that computer keyboards are the easiest place to contaminate dirt. Even on hospital computer keyboards, there are a large number of germs.

William, University of North Carolina?

Dr. Rutala pointed out that common bacteria on computer keyboards include Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Chlamydia trachomatis. If not removed in time, it will cause digestive diseases, skin diseases, eye diseases and skin allergies.

A survey found that trash in office computer keyboards is increasing at an average rate of 2 grams per month.

Long-term exposure to the outside-dust, closely connected with our office and leisure entertainment, hand dander, hair, soot, snacks, etc. The keyboard is in this environment, gradually becoming a place to hide dirtOne of the direct effects of keyboard dirt is that the keys are not flexible.
Tap does not work.
If you can’t click and pop, it will bring a lot of trouble to your work computer operation.

The most important effect is that if the keys are not cleaned often, the surface of the keys will often be stained with sweat, oil, saliva from computer users, and dust, hair, etc. will be deposited in the gaps between the keyboards, so there must be many germs hidden in them.
In fact, it will become a source of many infectious diseases and endanger our health. It is obvious how important it is to clean the keyboard.

However, because the number of keyboard keys is minimal and the structure is complex, many people cannot properly grasp the keyboard cleaning method.

So, how do we clean up the keyboards that we come into contact with every day?

I will introduce to you a simple keyboard cleaning method, because in the face of complicated and tedious operations that need to remove the keycap, simple cleaning is still very practical.

Step 1. Turn off the computer and remove the keyboard from the host.

Find a place for cleaning items, then turn the keyboard upside down and slap the keyboard. You will find that in addition to dust, there are cookie residue, coffee powder, rubber crumbs, hair strands, etc.

  Step 2. We can’t remove the impurities completely by tilting and tapping. At this time, we need to use a USB hair dryer, a large hair dryer can be used, aim at the gap on the keyboard keys, blow out the debris that is attached to it, and then flip the keyboard againFace down and shake.

Step 3. After removing the impurities, we need to start cleaning the outside of the keyboard at this time. You can use a neutral detergent or a computer-specific cleaner with a cloth and cotton swab to remove the hard-to-remove stains on the keyboard.

  Step 4. Disinfection.

After the keyboard is cleaned, it may be dipped in alcohol, disinfectant or medical hydrogen peroxide for disinfection, and finally wipe the surface of the keyboard with a dry cloth.