Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine Recipe

Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine Recipe

Introduction: In addition to acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine weight loss can also be combined with traditional Chinese herbal tea and behavioral therapy. For traditional Chinese herbal tea, the main prescriptions include Polygonum multiflorum, Schisandra chinensis, Mulberry leaf, Alisma, chrysanthemum, light bamboo leaves, Cassia seed, Chenpi, Hawthorn, Ligustrum lucidum and lotus leaf, etc., usually see the patient’s physique and seasonal dispensing.

  For acupuncture weight loss, the most common and popular method for acupuncture weight loss is ear acupuncture and other transformation methods, such as body acupuncture, electroacupuncture, moxibustion, and so on.

In terms of weight loss with ear acupuncture, ear acupuncture is mainly caused by reduced taste due to changes in taste. According to research, ear acupuncture has taste allergies, which suppresses appetite, because acupuncture of auricular points will generate a certain signal and then pass along the vagus nerve.At the same time, the hypothalamic drought information is also restricted to limit food intake and achieve weight loss.

  The response of acupuncture to weight loss and the retina are mainly when auricular points are stimulated, some patients will have some abnormalities in the digestive tract, including tightness in the throat, contraction of the lower esophagus or stomach area.

Some patients report that after acupuncture, they eat a small amount of food to feel fullness, or do not think about diet, increase in stool frequency, mild diarrhea, etc. These are normal reactions. Such patients even lose their appetite, but they are still plentiful.

The other one has been found to have dizziness, headaches, burnout, etc. In addition, the needles have not been sterilized severely, causing ear papilloperiostitis, which must be overcome.

  According to behavioral therapy, it can be divided into two phases: addiction and weight loss. Wu Dapeng said that patients with addiction must quit dependent food. In addition to not touching high doses of food during weight loss, they must also cooperate with regular exercise and work and rest.The effect will be more obvious.

  Worried about the large side effects of the drug and the lack of patience with diet, the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture for weight loss, especially for simple obesity without obvious endocrine problems, actually works well.

Approximately, people who have achieved significant weight loss are approximately 0 per week.


The speed of 8 kg decreases stepwise, but after a period of time, the speed of weight reduction will stagnate. People who are eager to lose weight in a short time can easily give up this almost irreplaceable weight loss method.