Singles of non-nobles in the city

Singles of non-nobles in the city

The celibate is divided into three types, which basically covers the beginnings of the celibate’s choice of this lifestyle.

  The first type of bachelors are men and women who have no interest in both sexes. They choose to be single mainly to preserve a complete and independent inner world and life.

These bachelors have a very strong “self” consciousness. They are not as lonely and painful as others think. On the contrary, they are positive and optimistic about life and live a relaxed and happy life.

  The survey found that the feelings between the sexes are placed in the mind of such a bachelor in a very insignificant and dispensable position, and will not exceed friendship; they also look at sexual desire indifferently and will not exceed other desires,Such as appetite, curiosity and so on.

One male bachelor said, “This desire is not inseparable. It is only part of the physiological response, not the whole of life. It is nothing great.

“A female bachelor said,” I don’t think sexual desire is too important. I have no desire.

“Single people in this category are almost all virgins and hope to be like this for life.

  The second type of bachelor is a person who is interested in the opposite sex.

  This has a certain share in Western countries. They have accidental close relationships with the opposite sex or have sexual relations, but in Chinese society, the only people who choose to be truly single and interested in the opposite sex can only be a very small number of the population.Because marriage in our society is almost the only legal way to establish a close relationship with the opposite sex, including sexual relations.

  Some types of celibacy are romantic, idealistic, or aesthetic, and are unwilling to marry.

A single woman said, “My life for myself is very romantic and full of beautiful things. I don’t want to fulfill my family’s obligations. I don’t want to go to the kitchen. It’s greasy.

“I see that family marriage is more unhappy and less happy, so I don’t want to get married.

“This type of bachelor attaches great importance to romantic mood and feelings, and the prototype of romantic love is the knightly love of Europe in the twelfth and third centuries. This love did not belong to a married couple but to a lover from the beginning.

  The sexual norms of most romantic bachelors are: As long as the two love each other, a sexual relationship can occur, and it is bound to get married.

A single woman said: “With the experience of three men, there is no sense of chastity.

“Another woman said:” Virginity is a gift to a man. If a man does not love a woman because she loses her virginity, then this man is not worthy of love. ”

Men shouldn’t even ask if a woman is virgin.

They have a common proposition: Being single does n’t mean abstinence, and celibacy is also a person. There are also passions and spiritual desires, but also spiritual and flesh communication, but in different ways. Abstinence is equal to chronic suicide.Best life plan.

  Conservative bachelors mainly believe that only married people can establish intimate relationships with the opposite sex, and it is natural that sex cannot occur without marriage.

Some of them have no sexual desire, some people are eager to be warm and want to satisfy their desires, but they are bound by their strict sexual behavior ethics and have to adopt the method of masturbation. This method is also psychological and constantly troubled.The torture of inner moral concepts makes it difficult for the psychology to strike a balance.

Such people are the most pained and desolate group among the celibates.

  The third type of bachelors are those who are only interested in the same sex.

  Unlike in some societies, two homosexuals can conclude a marriage contract and have to remain single.