Viewing TCM Health Culture from Confucianism

Viewing TCM Health Culture from Confucianism

Nowadays, after solving the problem of food and clothing, people are most concerned about health and health.

When you walk into a bookstore, turn on the TV, or talk to people, all kinds of health knowledge come to you.

This shows that people’s recognition of health.

  Tracing to its roots, TCM culture is an important part of TCM culture, derived from ancient Chinese philosophy.

As the “head of the Confucian classics”, “Zhou Yi” is an important carrier of a series of Confucian and Taoist ideas, and has become the source of traditional Chinese culture.

While building a splendid Chinese civilization, it has also affected traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese and Chinese society.

  At present, the rise of this new whirlwind of traditional health preservation profoundly demonstrates that the wisdom of Confucianism and Taoism fully meets the needs of human life in modern society, and has more profound guiding significance in scientific health maintenance.

  ”Heaven and man unite” gave birth to the overall concept. Now, the word we say most is “harmony”, which is the core idea of Zhouyi.

It integrates nature and social morality, and puts forward the idea of “the unity of heaven and man” and the way of heaven and earth, that is, “the way to build heaven, said Yin and Yang, the way to build the earth, said soft and rigid, and the way of building people,”Benevolence and Righteousness. ”

Infer human affairs from heaven, understand nature from natural development, understand nature, imitate nature, and seek methods and technologies for building a harmonious society.

  Based on this harmonious thought, Chinese medicine put forward the overall concept of “correspondence between heaven and man.”

The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, a masterpiece of TCM health culture, believes that man is the product of nature and should coexist and coexist with nature and all things in peace.

Man-made changes in the nature of the natural law, carry out diet and living, work exercise, and change the four seasons climate, geographical environment and social environment changes and adjust.

Then, letting nature go along and integrating nature can reduce disease, delay aging, and prolong life. If you violate nature and destroy nature, you will certainly be threatened and punished by nature, which will cause disease and damage the body.

  The meridian health of traditional Chinese medicine connects the rise and fall of human viscera and meridians in the 12 hours, which are closely linked and very orderly; the season health of traditional Chinese medicine and the health of Chinese medicine in spring and summer, and the health of Chinese diet and health of Chinese medicineHealth preservation is also the extension and development of Confucianism and Taoism, which reflects the overall regulatory advantages of TCM health preservation.

If the child has a weak spleen and stomach and cannot eat more ice cream, the elderly have poor gastrointestinal function and should drink more porridge at night.

Keep your health in accordance with this natural law. At the same time, pay attention to “the evil and the thief, avoid it sometimes.”

“With illness, Chinese medicine is not a recognized” head doctor, foot pain doctor foot “, but the overall conditioning.

Use acupuncture, massage, dressing, cupping and other non-drug therapies, as well as natural medicine to nourish the mind, replenish qi and blood, regulate the spleen and stomach, and keep the internal organs in harmony, smoothness and balance.
  ”Turn Gan Ge into Jade”.

The ideas of coexisting with viruses and dancing with tumors proposed by traditional Chinese medicine have even improved the quality of life and prolonged life. It also illustrates the importance of conforming to nature and bringing overall harmony from another perspective.

  The “Yin-Yang theory” gave birth to the differentiation of syndromes and treatment of “Yin-Yin” theory.

In addition to the universe, society and human ethics as a whole, Zhouyi is a system governed by the laws of yin and yang.

The two things that are opposite to each other must have opposite behaviors, and there will be friction, contradiction, conflict, and confrontation.

At the same time, yin and yang have the characteristics of mutual growth and decline, mutual roots, transformation, and opposition. Different methods will transform, develop, and change to different aspects.

Humans can understand the world and transform the world according to this rule.

  Yin and Yang are one of the basic theories of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine, which believes that there is Yin and Yang in nature, and that there is Yin and Yang in people.

“There are those who know, from yin and yang.”

The reason why people have this kind of disease is because of the imbalance of yin and yang in the body.

To solve this kind of problem, dialectical treatment is the main treatment method.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease by “seeing the color and following the pulse, don’t yin and yang first.

“Depending on people, time, place, and disease, different methods are used for diagnosis and treatment, such as six classics syndromes, eight outlines syndromes, and three focal syndromes. The purpose is to make Yin and Yang moderate, moderate, and in an unbiased balanceState, “the secret of Yin and Yang, the spirit is the rule.”

Otherwise, “Yin and Yang are decisive.

“The same is true of health.

According to the different circumstances of each person, plus the differences in environment, heredity, age, gender, physical fitness, etc., “trial by reason”, “discriminatory support” and “differentiation by feeding” are given.

  As long as we understand this truth, we can find a health and health care method that suits us.

For example, those who have a cold spleen and stomach should eat spicy onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc .; those who have a weak spleen and stomach should eat red dates, yam, lentils, coriander, lotus seeds, etc .;, Should eat pears, coriander, honey, sugar cane, etc .; those who are blocked, eat some radish, bergamot, kumquat, etc.

It’s the same with choosing edible things, choosing exercise, and other ways to keep fit.  ”People-oriented” leads to the thought of “treating the disease”. The biggest contribution of Taoism to Chinese culture is to highlight the value of life. It puts forward the viewpoints of “people-oriented” and “re-educating your precious life”, which shows that we must pay attention to physical life and also make a differenceSpiritual life.

The World Health Organization proposes that health is not a definition of disease and illness, but also a definition of being physically, mentally, and socially intact, with coincidence.

  The Taoist pursuit of spiritual health in the name of harmony, health preservation, sperm preservation, love of qi, and keeping God has directly influenced traditional Chinese medicine.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine puts forward the view of “not treating the disease but treating the disease”, which is not only an interpretation of “people-oriented”, but also highlights the traditional Chinese medicine’s love for life.

  ”Prevention before illness”, “Plan ahead”.

From a physiological point of view, the health care concept of taking precautions has taken root.

Households sweep the house before the Spring Festival, open the windows and ventilate in the spring, insert wormwood in Dragon Boat Festival, Chongyang ascend, and use onion ginger garlic, vinegar, wine and tea, etc., which shows that people attach great importance to diet, health, epidemic prevention, exercise and other aspects.

Rehabilitation, exercise, labor restrictions, and dietary contraindications after the illness have caused both prevention and treatment of the disease, careful maintenance after relapse, and prevention of recurrence.

  Of all the ways to keep in good health, mental health is the most important.

The Confucian thought of “the benevolent is longevity” requires that “there is no greed outside, no inner peace, peace of heart without loss of uprightness, and taking care of the beauty of heaven and earth”.

Taoism achieves self-cultivation by “indifferent inaction” and “indifferent inaction” and saves lives.

  Chinese medicine believes that “the mind is the official of the monarch” and “the mind is the god”, which means that the mind rules the whole body, and mental health is conducive to the health of the human body’s physiological functions.

Among them, “greed is the enemy of life, and psychological balance is the secret of longevity.” In optimism, quietness, and peace, it can reduce disease and prolong life.