Banana peel can cure nine diseases!

Banana peel can cure nine diseases!

Banana peel contains polysaccharides, protein, vitamin C and other nutrients, as well as an effective ingredient that inhibits crushing and bacterial growth-banana peel.

  1. Govern the Gardenia: Apply banana skin on the surface of the silt (commonly known as Gardenia), transform and soften, and replace it little by little until healed.

This way you can heal the mules on your head and face.

Apply with banana peel multiple times, pinch off with your fingers, and do not repeat after curing.

  2. Treating skin pruritus: Banana peel is contained in banana peel, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Experiments have shown that banana peel is effective in treating itching and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria.

Patients can choose fresh banana peels to rub itchy skin (tinea pedis, tinea pedis, tinea corporis, etc.) repeatedly, rub them into mud, or wash them with water for several days.

  3. Treating oral ulcers: Banana peel is a very good Chinese medicine. The dry product is combined with another traditional Chinese medicine name: Fotan Mother (also known as Fotan Hair), boil water together, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to flavor, drink it can cure oral inflammation, Ulcer (commonly known as: Dengzhan 凼); also has a laxative effect.

  4, cure Fenghuo toothache: Wash the banana peel, add rock sugar into the pot, add an appropriate amount of decoction.

Drink soup 2 times a day.

  5, cure hemorrhoids and blood in the stool: roast two bananas with skin on the fire and eat while hot, can improve hemorrhoids and blood in the stool.

  6. Treatment of chapped skin of hands and feet: Rub the hands with hot water each time, and rub the banana skin on the hands after the feet to prevent chapped skin of the hands and feet.

If there is already a crack, you can rub the banana peel directly on the crack, usually it can be treated several times in a row.

  7, clever treatment of hypertension: take banana skin 30 grams-60 grams, Jiantang taking, can cure hypertension.

  8, prevent strokes: Take 30 grams of decoction of fresh banana peel for tea, which can expand blood vessels and prevent stroke and angina.

  9, hangover: 60 grams of banana peel boiled water, clear leader.

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  You know bananas are delicious and nutritious, but do you know the wonderful use of banana peels?

Let me introduce you to the amazing effect of banana peel and make it a waste.

  1. Wipe leather shoes and leather clothes: Banana skin can be used to wipe leather shoes, leather clothes, leather sofas, etc. It has a long-lasting effect on the gloss of leather products and prolongs the “life” of leather products.

  2. Ripening: Banana peel has the effect of destroying ripeness. You can put it together with the fruit you want to destroy, and soon you can eat ripe fruits, such as: mango, kiwi and so on.

  3. Orchid’s “best companion”: If you want your orchid to grow strong and bloom well, maybe the banana peel can help you, bury the banana peel under the orchid pot soil, the banana peel containsRich in magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, amino acids and other nutrients and minerals, these are exactly what orchids need.

Interested friends can try!

  4, make the skin moist and smooth: Friends with dry skin can stick a piece of banana peel on the skin (the side of the skin facing the skin), let it dry for about 10 minutes, and then wash with water to make the skin moist and smooth.