Teach you to use gateball

Teach you to use gateball

Gateball is more and more recognized and loved by the elderly due to its characteristics such as prevention of learning, safety and economy, small amount of exercise, and merger of fun and entertainment.

  1.There are more opportunities to accept the “bath” of negative ions.

The number of negative ions in an open gateball field is more continuous than indoor.

Negative ions are called “vitamins” in the air by the medical community, and it can treat hypertension, tuberculosis, neurodermatitis, influenza and other diseases.

It also improves respiratory function, strengthens metabolism, promotes blood circulation, and regulates the nervous system.

Elderly people participating in gateball have more opportunities to receive baths with negative ions, which has the effect of treatment and adjuvant treatment for certain diseases of the elderly.

  2.May increase bone salt.

Orthopedic surgeon of Showa University in Japan recently discovered that even a small amount of exercise can increase the amount of bone salt. The longer the participation, the more obvious the effect and the more significant the elderly.

Therefore, the participation of the elderly in gateball can delay the aging effect axially.

  3.Strains of the humerus and lumbar muscles.

Elderly people participating in gateball need to flex their upper body forward when hitting the ball. Repeating this many times can strengthen the exercise of the lumbar muscles, thereby achieving the effect of lumbar muscle strain.

  4.Able to develop physical fitness comprehensively.

When the elderly is engaged in gateball, the hands and brain must coordinate and cooperate to exercise the nervous system and motor system of the elderly.

  Gateball even has a small amount of exercise, but as long as you participate regularly and persevere, you can get good fitness results.