What should a man eat after exercise?

What should a man eat after exercise?

Exercise and health are often replaced by people, and then there are many fitness misunderstandings. The diet after fitness should be especially careful.
Many people think that the physical exertion is too much after exercise, and they often like to choose chicken, duck, fish, and meat to eat to supplement and restore physical strength.

However, on the contrary, some people not only do not receive the effect of eliminating fatigue, but they feel muscle swelling, joint pain, and fatigue increase.

  After physical exertion or heavy exercise, the body will feel tired and sore. This is because the body produces lactic acid.

In the case of muscle soreness, if you continue to eat acidic food, it will be rich in protein and a small amount of fish, meat, eggs, seafood, food, sugar, peanuts, beer and other foods, which will increase blood.Acidification slows down the decomposition of acidic metabolites, thereby increasing the degree of fatigue.

  In fact, you should eat alkaline foods, such beans and soy products; spinach, lettuce, radish, potatoes, ravioli, onions, kelp, apples and other fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables; milk and dairy products.