[Is it hot to eat onion]_Onion_Hot gas_Hot gas

[Is it hot to eat onion]_Onion_Hot gas_Hot gas

The taste of onions is more exciting, but many people in life like to eat onions, and the seasoning effect is very good.

You should pay attention to the amount of any food, as well as onions.

Be careful of getting angry when you eat onions often, especially for those with warm constitutions.


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, onion is a hot plant. If a person with a hot constitution eats onion too often, it may cause “getting angry” symptoms.

Each person’s physical attributes are different, and the results vary from person to person.

Of course, those with a cold constitution can eat onions every day, while those with a hot constitution may eat more celery.

Celery is cold, sweet, and contains acidic antihypertensive ingredients. It is clinically effective for primary, pregnancy and menopausal hypertension.


Eating onions in moderation will not cause anger, but some people may be ignited due to their yin deficiency and deficiency of the fire. Excessive consumption of onions may also cause anger, causing mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and sore throat.


Onion is a mild food in terms of food properties. If you eat it in moderation, it will not cause fire. However, some people may have fire due to their own yin deficiency and deficiency of fire. Excessive consumption of onion may cause fire, mouth ulcers, and mouth color.Dryness, sore throat and so on.


Raw onions are warm foods. Excessive consumption may cause fire. If the onions are cooked, their sexual taste will change, and the irritating grains in the onions will be broken down to avoid oral ulcers.It is also inappropriate to eat onions with hot foods such as dog meat and lamb to avoid getting angry.