Do not abuse cough syrup if your child coughs!

Do not abuse cough syrup if your child coughs!

[Introduction]In life, once the baby coughs for more than one day, some parents who have “suggestions”
will take out a variety of spare medicines for the baby, which may sometimes recover, but this is very dangerous. Once the medicine is not right,It is very likely that the illness will be affected.

Many experts point out that the causes of cough are many: the most common causes are cough variant symptoms, postnasal drip syndrome, eosinophilic bronchitis, gastroesophageal reflux cough, and these causes account for chronic cough.70%?
95%, the survey found that 76% of patients with chronic cough have been misdiagnosed as bronchitis, chronic bronchitis or chronic pharyngitis. Therefore, the treatment of cough must first alleviate the cause of the cough.The counterproductive.

In addition, if the baby gets up in the morning and has a light cough, the parents need not worry. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Treatment for symptomatic cough is a protective measure of the human body and the only way to clear mucus from the respiratory tract by itself.

However, children under 3 years old have poor cough reflex ability and the sputum is not easy to be discharged. If the cough medicine given by the parents at this time, the sputum cannot be discharged smoothly, and a large amount of accumulation in the trachea and bronchus will cause tracheal obstruction.

Therefore, experts remind that only “symptomatic” treatment and some “cough” medicines will not work. It is necessary to cooperate with some “cough” medicines on the basis of “symptomatic” treatment to obtain good results.

For example, the main reason for a cough after a cold is to irritate the throat after the nasal fluid flows, so the treatment must be based on the cause and the symptoms are both.

Do n’t abuse cough syrup. “One thing is that some doctors or parents treat children with cough without asking them to take cough drops. This is wrong.

“Experts point out that they often see patients who are specifically seeking treatment for cough syrup addiction.

Because some cough syrup contains codeine, which is a substance extracted from opium, children will substitute it for a long time, and similar symptoms of “drug addiction” will appear.

Experts remind that if the child repeatedly coughs and has not been effective for more than 8 weeks after treatment, then the child is likely to be a chronic cough caused by variability. The visiting doctor or parents must give the child the right medicine according to the cause, and cannot take the cough lotion.To control the cough.