Workplace: May wish to be a receiver

Workplace: May wish to be a “receiver”

Patience is painful, but its fruit is sweet.
  Who looks at who?
  There are often young and energetic friends who have suffered a little bit of grievance in the unit.
For such friends, I admire their pride, but I do not agree with their approach.
  What’s the right way?
The most classic answer to this question comes from a young talent in the advertising industry. He said, “In the first three years, I have n’t learned enough, and I can only look at the boss’s face. This is not embarrassing.An indispensable backbone, let the boss look at your face.
This old man has personal experience: When he first entered the largest local advertising company, he found that what he learned in the university was not enough in practical applications and did not work, resulting in a low success rate and a high error rate.He also suffered a lot of punishment for this.
At that time, regardless of the heat or cold, he consciously hung his tie around his neck, “so that the restless boss could easily pull it tightly and reprimand it loudly.”
But slowly, the number of reprimands by the boss became less and less; after two or three years, when the boss saw him, he became like a person.Playing big names, the boss didn’t even get upset, and was still careful.
  The boss can’t help but be careful, because this old man is now a “person with ability”. Ju Fan has a set of exhibitions, plans, copywriting, graphic design, etc. and has won numerous awards. It is the pillar and signboard of that advertising company.He also made countless banknotes.
He can indeed raise his eyebrows and exhale, because he has the capital to turn his boss to look at his face.
At this point, have you also thought that this younger brother’s achievements today are due to his calmness and knowing how to sleep?
  I once summed up a small rule. There are two stages of the “high incidence period” for company employees to leave. First, when new employees join for 3-6 months, they are still in an adaptive and wait-and-see state.There is a gap between the ability and the requirements of the unit, especially when encountering a small setback and a small penalty in the work, it is likely to lead to negative job hopping; another threshold is that after employees have served in a company for about 2 years,The work is quite familiar and eager to seek breakthroughs and improvements, but the reality is not always satisfactory, and their extreme response may be-hate the boss for lack of vision and self-confidence for others, this breath can not be swallowedThen he resigned to fight.
  Does resignation really work?
A well-known successful person said: “I still have five or six resignations locked in my office drawer-all were written in the past.
He secretly told me several times that he and his boss thought that some things were unpleasant, and thought they had to go, but then he thought: choosing to leave now is not the best time, because he can only prove his failure;It is better to temporarily suppress the rage and pull some customers desperately to become a unique person.
He planned to resign until the time was right, so that the company would suffer heavy losses and become passive at the same time, and let the boss regret and be greatly stimulated to lose an elite.
  Those five or six resignations were not completed in the end.
Because after more than a year, with his own efforts, he developed a lot of loyal customers, and thus gained the real trust and authorization of the boss.
The friend is now a marketing executive, and the treatment is amazing. I think even if I use a big stick, I do n’t want to take him away from that company.